Calodema mariettae


Diagnostic characters resembling those of the species of the C. ribbei group according to the definition of Jennifer

Description: Length 35 mm; width 13 mm.

Head : green with metallic lustre. Frons with a broad impression forming a W on the antenna ridges. This impression narrows to form a median groove on the vertex. The head with uniform punctation and scanty white pubescence. - The antennae short, not much longer than the head, vaguely serrated from the 4th article, bluish green.

Pronotum transverse, L/W 0,59, diverges strongly from base anteriorly. The angular projections not as sharply eged as in C. ribbei van de Poll. The punctation rather superficial and even giving a silky lustre. A faint medial groove is visible. The main colour is yellow-brown. The anterior margin greenish in the anterior part and black in the distal part. The distal margin shiny black with the exception of the distal lobe against the scutellum which is shiny green, partly overlapping the scutellum and divided by the median groove which is deeper in this part. Just behind the front margin are a few, somewhat confluent, black spots forming a triangle with its median angle reaching the middle of the pronotum.

Scutellum small, lunate, with a deep pit in the centre, partly overlapped by the distal pronotal lobe, shiny black with the centre green.

Elytra : L/W 3/ l. Elytral width less than that of the pronotum. Elytra strongly striated but to a lesser degree than in C. ribbei. The colour bluish black. Behind the anterior margin a brownish yellow spot reaching 1/7th of the elytral length, enlarging near the suture to 2/7 of the length and also covering the lateral basal elytral margin to 2nth of the elytral length, bending medially for another 1/7th of the length. The distal margin of the elytra red and the dentation black.

Legs and tarsi slender. The hind tarsi markedly longer than the fore- and median ones. Tarsal claw simple. Colour bluish green.

The abdominal side greenish blue with grey-yellow pubescence.

Distribution : Papua New Guinea, Aseki , Morobe Province. Captured in March 1992 on
Evodia blossom high up in the crown of the tree.

The holotype, female, in my collection.
The holotype is the only known specimen of this species.

GARDNER (J.A.), 1989. - Revision of the Genera of the Tribe Stigmoderini (Coleoptera: Buprestidae) with a
Discussion of the Phylogenetic Relationships. - lnvertebr. Taxon., 3, pp. 291 -361.

Acknowledgements.- I am very grateful to Mr. Peter B. CLARK and Mr. Alan LANDFORD, Insect Farming & Trading Agency, Bulolo, Papua New Guinea for their kind comunication regarding the capture of this specimen.

Derivatio nominis: I am pleased to designate this species after my wife Marietta who always has supported me.

Location: PNG; Morobe
Max. size: 35mm
Collection: Ulf NYLANDER