Olethrius scabripennis

Entomapeiron Neoentomology 2(1): 1-32

Francesco Vitali:

Taxonomic and faunistic notes about the genus Olethrius Thomson, 1860 (Coleoptera Cerambycidae).

The systematic position of the species closely related to Olethrius tyrannus Thomson, 1860 is revised. Olethrius scabripennis Thomson, 1865 is considered bona species. It is also considered as an older synonym of Olethrius villosus Dillon & Dillon, 1952 nov. syn. Olethrius tyrannus Thomson, 1860 is considered as an older synonym of Olethrius brevicornis Dillon & Dillon, 1952 n. syn. and of Olethrius torresianus Hayashi, 1960 n. syn. A new subspecies widespread in New Guinea, Woodlark and most of the Solomons, namely Olethrius tyrannus salomonum n. ssp., is described. Olethrius laevipennis nov. sp. from Australia is described. Biological, faunistic data and a key to the genus Olethrius Thomson, 1860 are provided.

The new genus Samolethriusn. gen. (type genus: Mallodon insularis Fairmaire, 1850) is introduced for Olethrius insularis (Fairmaire, 1850) and O. subnitidus Aurivillius, 1928. Consequently, the following new combinations are introduced: Samolethrius insularis (Fairmaire, 1850) n. comb. and Samolethrius subnitidus (Aurivillius, 1928) n. comb. Hypotheses of the evolution of this genus are provided. Rhaphipodini Lameere, 1912 n. status are considered as a separated tribe including the genera Mecosarthron Buquet, 1840; Samolethrius n. gen.; Olethrius Thomson, 1860; Mallodonopsis Thomson, 1860; Ialyssus Thomson, 1864; Agrianome Thomson, 1864; Rhaphipodus Audinet-Serville, 1832, Rhaesus Motschulsky, 1875; Remphan Waterhouse, 1836 and Paroplites Lameere, 1903.

Location: Solomon Isl. / Vanuatu Isl. (New Hebrides Isl.)
Collection: Capt. Philippe Bourdon [ Collected by the Author ]