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DYTISCIDAE (Dytiscoidea)

Adephaga = Geadephaga (terrestrial forms) and Hydradephaga (aquatic forms), an arrangement that has received support from both cladistic analysis (Beutel and Haas, 1996) and molecular studies (Shull et al., 2001).
Geadephaga and Hydradephaga could be classified as Superseries.
Dystiscidae [Hydradephaga] has over 3000 described species.

DYTISCIDAE Leach, 1815
Authors: Patrice Bouchard; Yves Bousquet; Anthony E. Davies; Miguel A. Alonso-Zarazaga; John F. Lawrence; Chris H. C. Lyal; Alfred F. Newton; Chris A. M. Reid; Michael Schmitt; S. Adam Ślipiński; Andrew B. T. Smith.

Subfamily AGABINAE Thomson, 1867

Subfamily COLYMBETINAE Erichson, 1837
Tribe Anisomeriini Brinck, 1948
Tribe Carabdytini Pederzani, 1995
Tribe Colymbetini Erichson, 1837

Subfamily COPELATINAE Branden, 1885

Subfamily COPTOTOMINAE Branden, 1885

Subfamily DYTISCINAE Leach, 1815
Tribe Aciliini Thomson, 1867
Tribe Aubehydrini Guignot, 1942
Tribe Cybisterini Sharp, 1880
Tribe Dytiscini Leach, 1815
Tribe Eretini Crotch, 1873
Tribe Hydaticini Sharp, 1880
Tribe Hyderodini Miller, 2000

Subfamily HYDRODYTINAE Miller, 2001

Subfamily HYDROPORINAE Aubé, 1836
Tribe Bidessini Sharp, 1880
Tribe Carabhydrini Watts, 1978
Tribe Hydroporini Aubé, 1836
Tribe Hydrovatini Sharp, 1880
Tribe Hygrotini Portevin, 1929
Tribe Hyphydrini Gistel, 1848
Tribe Laccornini Wolfe and Roughley, 1990
Tribe Methlini Branden, 1885
†Tribe Schistomerini Palmer, 1957
Tribe Vatellini Sharp, 1880

Subfamily LACCOPHILINAE Gistel, 1848
Tribe Agabetini Branden, 1885
Tribe Laccophilini Gistel, 1848

Subfamily LANCETINAE Branden, 1885

Subfamily MATINAE Branden, 1885

†Subfamily PALAEOGYRININAE Schlechtendal, 1894
†Subfamily LIADYTISCINAE Prokin and Ren, 2010