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Dear prospective Collaborator,

One of the main concepts of this site is to serve as a COLEOPEDIA whereby as many species as possible of coleoptera are presented with a detailed macrophoto, classification, and description. However, with already over 360000 identified species and an average of 2000 new species described every year one could say that this is a mission impossible, or at least over-optimistic. Indeed, with a combined effort from enthusiasts worldwide we might be able to achieve the unachievable.

With this said I am inviting anyone who would like to contribute photos, classifications, or publications to share on this site. You will be highly welcomed and appreciated, and will be considered as a Collaborator (author).

By becoming a Collaborator it will give you the opportunity to be part of this website as a nonentity. You will be listed as a Collaborator of the site under the Collaborator drop-down menu with your contact details if desired, therefore allowing you to be immediately known to anyone navigating this site and hence increase your chances of making new connections and contacts in the world of entomology.

As a Collaborator you will become part of this site without having to deal with the laborious work and time needed to create and develop such a complex site and you could incorporate and document your own beetle collection here. Every time a new photo is shared by you of a species previously not displayed on the site, a new species page will be created using your photo and any other information you share and you will be given the credit for that page being acknowledged as the author of that page.

By expanding Coleoptera-Atlas with many Collaborators we will form a network where an interface between coleopterists can take place. It will give us the opportunity to debate and offer personal points of view on species and classifications and last but not least, it will give you the satisfaction of knowing you have contributed to science and in time maybe even history!


  • 1. Registration: fill out the form on the right
  • 2. Please use one of the following formats (the collaborator’s user guide will be available shortly): txt; pdf; doc; docx or xls for your publication.
  • 3. To insert your photos a 1200px X 1200px in jpg with a resolution of 72dpi will be adequate.
  • 4. All photos will need to be with a high clarity, and sharpness in order to comply with the philosophy of the site. 
  • 5. To the best of my knowledge and capability I will research and verify any new given data.
  • 6. When you see the picture below in the gallery it means that I am eagerly looking for a Collaborator to share photos or information about that species.

 And on a personal note to some collaborators close to my heart…
Many thanks to my late father, a dedicated amateur cameraman on micro wildlife; to Jean Pierre Lacroix, a distinguished lucanologist who introduced me to entomology; to Capt. Damon Hart for his assistance on the subject of photography; to Philippe Lacroix, website designer; and to my son Olivier, BSc marine biology, for on-going support, proofreading, editing, and discussion on the topic. 

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