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Orismology: Type

ALLOTYPE:Specimen of the opposite sex to the Holotype.
COTYPE:Specimens captured from the same locality of the Type.
GENOTYPE:Hereditary characters. Genetic constitution of an individual organism.
GYNETYPE:Type female.
HOLOTYPE:A single Type specimen upon which the identification of a new species is founded. Unique specimen described and chosen by the author as a Type, can be male or female.
METATYPE:Specimen from the same locality as the Type, but identified and described later on by the author.
PARATYPE:Specimen coming from the original material, but not including the Holotype.
PHENOTYPE:The set of observable characteristics of an individual resulting from the interaction of its genotype with the environment.
PLESIOTYPE:Specimen described.
SYNTYPE:Two or more specimens listed in a species identification where a Holotype was not designated.