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Lucanus cervus judaicus


Lucanus cervus ssp. judaicus Planet, 1900
Antennal club of four articles, very variable also in its development and with sometimes very giant specimens of more than 103 mm length (K.Werner legit).

The choice of the name is quite surprising because this taxon is not present in Israel and was described on a specimen from Ain Tab (old name for Antakya, Turkey) as indicated by Didier (1953: 29); the typus is in the collection R.Didier (ex; coll. H. Boileau).

This race is known by us from Turkey (villayet Içel, Adana, Hatay, Osmaniye and Kahramanmaras) and from North Syria (East Latakia). We observed it in Turkey on several occasions, specimens collected with aerial traps baited with wine, in Oak forests from the end of May to July.

Didier and Seguy (1953) proposed a diagnostic diagram for these taxa based on the form of the mandibles of the males (see picture below), however it is not easily applicable considering the great variability in the development of the mandibles.

Collection: Marian PACALAJ [ Photographer ]